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VDI Cabling

Cable infrastructure, which carries a wide range of applications, must be able to meet the needs of the organization.

We are able to deliver infrastructure solutions for all types of environments:

  • VDI cabling
  • Broadband optical fiber connectivity
  • Security: Personal and Material
  • Video over IP

The quality of our infrastructure services is supported by our team of specialized technicians and engineers who implement cable systems. These experts have a large number of testing and measuring tools and meticulously adhere to international and European standards.

Network and security infrastructure

We support our clients in their IP network infrastructure projects by performing consulting tasks, integration projects and migration plans to provide infrastructure in LAN, WAN and WLAN environments.

Specializing in convergent architecture for “voice / data / video”, we implement secure data architectures, sustainable and advanced that guarantee high quality of service.

We also have the necessary experience in providing network architecture against internal and external risks that affect our clients’ information systems.

Security: personal and material

Whether accidental (fire) or intentional (vandalism, assault, theft), risk comes in a wide range of forms and can cause heavy losses for the business both from the human and financial side.

To ensure the safety of employees and the protection of office buildings and assets, we have professional quality assurance:

  • Overall knowledge of security and safety planning
  • A thorough knowledge of regulations and standards
  • Selection and installation of access control, video surveillance, intrusion and fire detection equipment

IT Solutions

IT solutions play a key role in the business decision-making process. Finding the right mix between what is needed and what is currently available in the market is often a real challenge.

We have the skill and expertise to implement innovative solutions and services in line with our clients’ strategy and goals. We offer a complete range of solutions and services based on a strong partnership with large companies in the IT industry:

  • Solutions: software, servers, professional PCs, laptops, graphic workstations, peripherals, multimedia.
  • Services: Project management, IT audit and asset management, engineering, integration with complete configuration and creation, support, assistance, end-user training, maintenance, specialist knowledge and outsourcing.