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IP Telephony (VoIP) is gaining in popularity day by day due to the fact that:

  • Provides simplified and centralized administration
  • Is flexible and mobile
  • It is easy to upgrade
  • It results in savings in cabling

The question for businesses today is not whether they should use IP technology for their future telecommunications systems, but how to identify the best approach and partner, to design and integrate VoIP solutions as a whole, network coverage, telephone operations and application connectivity.

Operator Solutions

Controlling telecommunication costs remains a key factor for business success in terms of enhancing its efficiency and boosting its productivity.
We can offer you tried and tested operator services that are efficient and tailored to the needs of each unit. As an original integrator, service provider, and as a standalone mainstay, we can deliver one-stop business solutions that include only one contact to deliver and manage complete solutions.


Mobility and communication are often closely linked to business. The success of an employee depends on whether he or she has all the resources and communication systems available, regardless of location. We offer our clients mobile solutions tailored to their needs and their user profiles: managers, salespeople, technicians, teleworkers, etc.
Mobile users have special needs that they meet by using different solutions:
  • DECT and IP DECT
  • WiFi: voice and data
  • Mobile convergence
  • VPN access