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Digital advertising

The most economical

Digital advertising is a communication tool that enables the broadcasting of multimedia content remotely and in real time via a network of digital media housed in closed public places (shops, showcases, businesses, etc.) or outdoors (huge billboards, bus stops …).

Digital information

Collaborative solution

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Business digital signage is a way to inform your employees, greet your visitors and convey a dynamic brand image. It is also a way to unite your employees around the value of the company and communicate the goals to your teams.

Enhanced flexibility

Three elements must be considered for the implementation of a digital signage project: the medium on which content, player and content are displayed .

Media or terminal

Only visible element of digital signage infrastructure. These may be professional screens, wall screens or, less commonly, interactive terminals or television screens. It is important to choose the right equipment (size, lighting, contrast, length of operation, impact resistance …) where you want to place your screens.


A small computer whose role is to play content that will be broadcast. At the same time, it is connected to the Internet, and in real-time downloads and displays content to the screen.


Videos, images, websites, RSS feeds, social content, PowerPoint presentations, presentations, flash animations and in general any type of multimedia content, installed on the site of the person in charge of creation or on a web platform available on the Internet.